We keep it simple with pricing based on the number of students and full time equivalent (FTE) for higher education and K12. Corporate is based on number of users. Everything is included in pricing from updates, support and implementation. And of course you have our team there to partner, listen and gain feedback to always improve our product. Here's what a license includes below.


Real-time Support

Ever wanted to just chat with the team right from your LMS? Now you can with real-time support by Notebowl. Whether you're a student, instructor, admin or TA, you can chat with our team within seconds. Have a question, need help or have feedback? Our team is here to help!


Active Partnership

Partnership has been key to our success from day one. Feedback from students, faculty, and administrators - your insights and experience - continues to drive Notebowl forward toward even better educational outcomes.



From training to launch and beyond, exclusive Notebowl experts help guide your team of faculty, staff, administrators and students to success. Included are virtual demonstrations, training videos as well as an automated on-boarding campaign built into Notebowl!



With a one-time fee, we take care of setting up your instance, supporting your faculty and coming on-site for a visit. You'll be sure to get the one on one support you need to successfully launch on your campus!


One Version

We're all over upgrading from version to version. No more! Have the ease of rolling cloud updates without clicking a button or signing a new contract.


Admin Dashboard

You're in the driver's seat! High-level insights on course and user information, settings and groups is easily available.


Accessibility Standards

A majority of the WCAG 2.0 standards have been met.


Flexible Implementation

Standalone and fully integrated implementation options both utilize the same social learning platform and get you ready for a smooth launch.


Automatic Archiving

Completed courses are saved automatically in an easily-accessible and searchable way.


Got all the details or need more? Just submit a quote below and we can help to answer your questions and provide pricing information for your institution.