Drive student engagement with your LMS


Seamlessly integrate NoteBowl’s most powerful social features like discussion boards and the Newsfeed on top of your existing LMS. No need to wait for existing contracts to expire.


Fully integrated

Capture Notebowl inside of courses and sync grades, assignments, content and data back and forth automagically with LTI. Add the Notebowl button to take it to the next level.



Power your LMS with a click of a button. Literally! Gain access to Notebowl always from the bottom right of your LMS. Allows access to the most powerful social features from discussion boards to groups!


Generate Discussion

Student-friendly discussion boards drive interaction with familiar social features like comments and profile pictures. Our quick grader makes it a breeze to evaluate assigned discussions.


Grade with Ease

Who knew grading could be so easy for discussion boards! No more scrolling from post to post and having another browser windows side by side to grade each student. Your all-in-one grader for discussions is finally here!


Automatic Enrollment

Your classes are automatically populated right from your LMS using LTI. No more worries about class rosters being filled, go on and get your class engaged!


One Account

No more accounts and signing up! Fully integrating into your LMS allows for easy management of user accounts and signs them in automagically!


Always up to Date

Communicate like you mean it with your students. Have them share their thoughts organically, ask questions, share files and images all in one location. Now you have an exciting place to extend class to an online space.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.20.27 AM.png


Put your homework, tests, quizzes and any action item for your class in a digital syllabus organized by dates. Connected to your calendar and all classes sync together. Making it easy for students to stay on top of all work and keep it nice and tidy for management.


Discover Community

Connect your campus clubs, organizations and services to your LMS. Why not having everything in one place for community.